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Home Decor Trends For 2021

Home Decor Trends For 2021

Are you all excited to know about home decor trends for 2021? I am sure 2021 will be filled with many more home décor innovations. But some of you may ask does it really matter how you decorate your home? Yeah, it certainly does. You may not instantly realize the extent of impact home décor has on your everyday life. However, studies have found that living spaces play a vital role in determining an individual’s mental state, mood as well as productivity.

Home décor and design are directly connected with how we experience our spaces, where we spend most of our time nowadays, spaces where we work, live and have fun. An efficient and appropriate interior décor that incorporates beautiful modern or traditional rugs can significantly alter our experience of space. You can easily find spectacular floor rugs in Melbourne. Nevertheless, the degree of modification and inclination towards décor may vary from individual to individual.

On the other hand, like other sectors, the global pandemic situation is driving changes in home décor segment as well. Currently, the home décor industry is observing the following changes influenced by Covid-19.
  • During times of social distancing it was not possible for anyone to consult with interior designers or consultants. Thus virtual interior design consulting became an inevitable choice. These services are effective and as efficient as in-person consulting.
  • Overall interior services industry observed a significant increase in demand due to new work from home conditions.
  • Individuals became more thoughtful with their spending due to ongoing economic uncertainty. Thus reducing consumer demand for luxury items.
These changes have further shaped trends for 2021.

 1. Bringing Sunshine Yellow Inside Your House

Experts are predicting that sunshine yellow and pale grey are going to dominate the overall colour themes in houses in 2021. These colours are associated with people’s current feelings and emotions. 2020 has been a gloomy year for almost everyone, thus yellow represents hopefulness and will provide houses with a happy vibe. Additionally, darker hues of blues or naval colour will be preferred by consumers. A few years back all-white colour theme was the most popular trend. However, this trend will be coming to an end.

 2. Sustainable Furniture Pieces

2020 has taught us many lessons. One of the important things it taught us is to value what is sustainable in long term and save as much cost as possible on a day to day items. This approach is going to be perpetrated in individual’s furniture selection as well. The consumer will get to witness new-age sustainable bioplastics or recycled material with minimum environmental impact to be formulating their new furniture pieces. Rugs that are an essential part of interior design will also witness a trend of using natural fibres such as wool, jute or cotton.  You can find different natural fibre rugs such as shaggy rugs in Melbourne and become part of trendsetter clan 2021.

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 3. Incorporating Prints

Not everyone appreciates prints be it tropical, psychedelic or nature-inspired. However, millennial inspired bold prints are taking centre stage in 2021. This trend is supposed to evoke feelings of tradition and nostalgia, providing you with the much needed psychological comfort in these tough times.

 4. Rise of Wallpaper Trend

Wallpapers are versatile options when you want to revamp your interior and are a little tight on budget. Today due to advancements in technology wallpapers are available in a variety of prints and designs. You can easily find designs or colour patterns according to your taste in style. Nevertheless, there is no set rule when it comes to using printed wallpaper. You can experiment and can have fun with it. Currently, removable wallpapers are gaining popularity.

 5. Introducing Separate Entertainment Spaces Inside Your Home

Social distancing has certainly affected our entertainment habits, as staying inside became new normal. Thus it is highly likely that in 2021 people will try to build their own entertainment infrastructure. They may opt for new entertainment gadgets, better sound systems and better build entertainment spaces inside their houses. And will try to recreate their outside experiences in an indoor space. 

 6. Bringing in The Laid Back Environment

As we long for holiday retreats, interiors influenced by distant shores offer a calming living space to make your living spaces a comfortable and welcoming place. You can create a cohesive look for every room in the house with the help of different rugs. Connect hallways with available hall runners in Melbourne shops and bring in the same vibe as that of other rooms.

 7. Industrial Style Interior

It is a completely 180 degrees flip from the laid back look. Industrial style is represented by exposed stonework, use of different metal furniture elements and incorporating neutral or grey shades. Industrial style is very easy to achieve and equally easy to maintain. It also provides the homeowner with an opportunity to mix traditional as well as modern interior decorating designs.


Today our houses have become sanctuaries for us to recharge and rewind. Also, it has become a place where we work and perform leisure activities. Thus design your living spaces according to your requirements and likings to achieve best results.

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