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Features and Benefits of Shaggy Rugs

Features and Benefits of Shaggy Rugs

Trends keep on changing but something classic never goes out of style. Maybe that’s why once-iconic ’70s and 80’s shaggy rugs are now back in demand. New age interior designers are furnishing homes with different types of shag rugs. These rugs have the ability not only to create a luxurious look, but also to create an old rustic look. While some may not agree over a shaggy rug, rest others can buy these awesome shaggy rugs in Melbourne to take advantage of this blast from the past.

What is a Shaggy Rug?

Almost all of us are acquainted with shag rugs. These rugs have a quite distinctive appearance as compared to other rugs. Commonly these rugs have a pile of more than an inch. The term pile pertains to the length of the upright loops. It gives these rugs that unique shaggy look. These rugs are available in cotton, woolen, polyester, Microfiber, Heat set poly materials, which provides you plenty of options to choose from.

Types of Shaggy Rugs:

The types are mainly defined by the material used to manufacture these rugs.
  • Flokati:

These rugs have a very fluffy texture and are manufactured from wool. Greece is considered to be the birthplace of these rugs. The rugs came into origin mainly out of necessity. The shepherds who raised a flock of sheep traded sheepskins for other commodity goods. Though the first rugs are not exactly as similar to today’s available modern rugs in Melbourne, however, they do possess a close resemblance. These rugs became so popular in the 80’s that the trend reflected not only in floor coverings but also in clothing items. Nevertheless, their versatility is undeniable.
  • Leather:

Leather shag rugs may not suit everyone's taste. It has a very unique look and feels to it. Additionally, these rugs are available in various colors. However, they are not suitable for high foot traffic areas in your house, as leather is a delicate material. Also, they do not spill-proof and may not be able to sustain damage from high foot traffic.

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  • Synthetic Material:

These rugs are manufactured from synthetic fibers. Therefore, there are a range of choices available for these shag rugs. As they can be mass-produced, these rugs are relatively cheaper and durable.
  • Wool:

Wool is another natural fiber used for making shag rugs. The natural texture of wool provides these rugs a luxurious feel. You can find a variety of floor rugs in Melbourne that are constructed with a noodle-like structure. These rugs are extremely comfortable and are a good option for cold winter nights.

Features and Benefits of Shaggy Rugs:

  • These rugs became people’s favorite due to their look and soft texture. The texture makes them extremely comfortable to walk on or sit on. You can lay these soft rugs on sofas to enhance its look and make them look even more comfortable.
  • These rugs are perfect if you have babies or toddlers who are crawling or learning to walk. The soft texture of the shaggy rug protects babies from getting hurt. 
  • Also, these rugs give your room a very warm and welcoming feeling. This feature gives you an immediate urge to step on them or sit on them. 
  • Many millennials are more lenient towards having a modernized look for their homes at a much lesser cost. They can find very good quality modern rugs in Melbourne to just do the trick for them. However, shaggy rugs can be the best alternative for them to achieve their intended aesthetic look in a cost-effective way. With shag rugs, you can jazz up your living space just like the ones featured in any high-end lifestyle magazines.  
  • Furthermore, shaggy rugs can be used in your bedroom as well as living room, due to their versatility to fit into any environment. 
  • Shag floor rugs are highly durable and are usually able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Nevertheless, it totally depends on how you can play around with different styles of shag rugs. 
  • Apart from looks wool shag rugs are environmentally friendly and sustainable. These rugs are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. 
  • Shaggy rugs are best for the winter season. These rugs can best fulfill your need warm surface if you are already living in a region with the harsh winter season. Shag rugs can warm up your entire space while providing you with a softer surface underfoot. 
  • Another best reason to have shaggy rugs is that they are available in almost any home furnishing store or carpet store.

Final Word:

Today the modern consumer is willing to experiment with different types of fabrics, colored and textured rugs. Thus trends are evolving with every passing day. The consumer can now find rugs that can be used in indoor as well as outdoor settings. So high-quality shaggy rug can be worth investing in.

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