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How To Position A Rug

How To Position A Rug

Rug buying can be a daunting task and thus people often dig themselves deep into finding suitable rugs. After hours of searching get frustrated if they are unable to find a perfect rug or rug they chose doesn’t compliment their existing home decor. On the other hand, even after buying excellent quality rugs in Melbourne with unique designs, people fail to effectively incorporate them into their living spaces. The best way to avoid such frustrating situations is to obtain as much information as possible before making any decisions.

When it comes to choosing areas rugs, style of rug placement matters the most. So, let’s find out how to position a rug.

Getting started:

  • Before you decide position for your new rug, follow the below-mentioned steps
  • Start by measuring up your living space. 
  • Find out the exact measurement of the room or space where you want to lay your rug.
  • Visualize how you want to create an overall ambiance of the living space. 
  • Be mindful of furniture placement
  • How you and your family use that specific area/space 
  • The complete layout of the room 
  • Regular sizes available are. Rectangular rugs 120x170cm, 160x230cm, 200x290cm, 240x230cm, 280x380cm, 300x400cm. Circular rugs 160x160cm, 180x180cm, 200x200cm, 240x240cm. Custom sizes are also available. Runners 80x150cm, 80x300cm, 80cm continues cut ny size.
Apart from these factors also consider the color scheme of the room, furniture color, and ultimate look you want to achieve.

For example, for creating a super comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room, try using wool rugs. You can easily find suitable modern rugs in Melbourne that are made of wool. Additionally, maintain a monotone color throughout the interior decor and use soft pastel shades.
All these factors collectively will help you in deciding the size and shape of the rug you want to use. Accordingly, you can determine where to position rugs in these spaces. Chose rug material wisely and according to cleaning requirements, environments rug will be used in.
  • Rug Placement for Living Room

When it comes to rugs, the larger the better is the mantra. Because the rug you chose is smaller as compared to room dimensions, then it makes the room look cluttered and throws off the scale of the furniture. Nevertheless, rug selection depends on room dimension and overall furniture layout.

If your furniture is not placed against the wall and the living room is larger in dimension, then choose a larger size rug and keep all legs of the furniture on the rug. Furthermore, if the furniture is placed against the wall keep only the front legs of the furniture on the rug.

If you want to use area rugs for sectionals, opt for rugs that are the same in length as that of the longest side of the sofa. This creates an elongated square and makes your room bigger.

Another way to place a rug is to incorporate small rugs into the space. A small rug can be placed under a coffee table to make the space look bigger than it actually is. All these tricks when used effectively helps you in creating a cohesive look.

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  • Rug Placement for Bedroom

Each space has its own requirements. Living room space needs to look welcoming while still providing necessary comfort. On the other hand, the bedroom is your personal space where you relax and thus a comforting environment becomes a priority. Rugs are important when it comes to providing a comforting surface underfoot. Start by positioning the rug is to lay it wall to wall that covers the entire area of the room. This way you may never have to worry about the exact rug position.

On the other hand, for a rectangular bed use rug that will appear from both sides of the bed. Otherwise, you may end up waking up to cold hardwood floors underfoot.

Also, make sure the bed, as well as the side table, sits on the rug. So that it reflects consistency in the overall aesthetic aspect. A rug does not have to be only for functional purposes, you can use rugs for decorative aspects as well. For example, create a cozy yet chic corner for yourself with shag rugs.

Runners are also excellent options for providing a comfortable surface underfoot.
  • Rug Placement for Dining Room

Many people are hesitant to use rugs where they dine, yet it is a widespread habit that may be effective. It's all about the comfort of sitting at the dining table when it comes to putting a rug in the dining room. However, when it comes to choosing a rug, the size and form of the dining table, as well as the layout of the space, go into determining the appropriate area rug for a dining room. On the other hand, when positioning a rug in the dining room make sure all legs of the table are on the rug. As per the thumb rule, make sure the rug reaches at least 24 inches beyond the table legs. This arrangement enabled all the chairs as well as the table to remain on the rug even when the chairs are moved around a bit.

Apart from functional qualities, make your dining arrangement stand out by adding a quality rug that has the same colors as that of the dining tabletop. Also, in order to avoid chairs from wobbling place rugs that are flat. While deciding to share use round rugs under round dining tables and so on. Choose a rug similar in shape to that of the dining table. Whereas if you're unsure of what size rug to get, pull out the chairs surrounding your table and measure the area so you can be sure your rug will fit properly beneath.
  • Rug Placement for Kitchen

Rubber back nonslip rugs are quite popular for kitchen areas. Kitchen rugs are equally popular as that of the other types. They are meant to provide comfort underfoot while you cook for your family. Position a shag rug or a Persian-inspired rug along the length of the countertop. It not only helps in creating a comforting working space but also transforms the kitchen environment to feel more inviting.


There are many other ways how you can position rugs in your living space. However, the above-mentioned tips are mere pointers and will help you in getting started on the right note. If you ever wonder and ask yourself which is the best rug stores near me, then your search ends with us. Feel free to reach out to us for any of your queries.

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