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10 Things to Consider When Buying a Rug

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Rug

A rug allows you to update and transform floors and interiors in a simple way. Experienced interior designers had always been incorporating rugs to magically transform your living spaces. Interior designers often start their designing projects by considering in-room furniture along with the type of rugs that they can lay on the floor to enhance aesthetics.
Every rug has a story to tell, that is woven with impeccable craftsmanship incorporating splendid patterns and colours. Inevitably, they reflect both history and culture. Thus they act as an inexpensive instrument for setting the tone for living spaces. But choosing them is not as easy as it seems. Today rugs are available in an overwhelming variety. In addition, it's a challenging job to buy a rug that complements your furniture and also feels light on the pocket. So you'd want to make sure you're investing in a piece of rug that will serve its purpose in the long run and won't go out of style. Here are a few things that you should remember that will help you in buying a rug.

  • Size and Shape

The shape and size of the rug primarily depend on the size of the room and furniture placement. Large rooms demand large rugs. By contrast, laying a small rug in a magnanimous room has a chance to look unattractive and may not reflect practicality as well. Therefore choose rugs that fit well within the boundaries of the room. But if you have a budget limit and are not able to spend much on big size rugs, then pick a rug that is wide enough to cover at least furniture's front feet. However, small-sized rugs are not entirely a bad idea. Rather they can be used as accent pieces in certain areas of your room. Additionally, you can efficiently incorporate them by layering with larger rugs. When used skillfully small rugs can divide a room into segments with effortless perfection.
Moreover, the shape is another factor you must consider while buying a rug. For example, Using small but rectangular rugs, the corridor spaces can be improved while a circular rug can be used beneath a small circular coffee table.

  • Discover your personal taste

Are you an art lover who wouldn't mind laying a colorful piece of art on the floor? Or you love to have a vintage vibe in the living room? Or you are a fan of modern contemporary aesthetics? Rugs can create this magic by morphing your room from a plain and boring into a dream space. Discover what perfectly matches your taste, choice, lifestyle, and appeals to you aesthetically. If you don't shy away from the bold geometric pattern, then modern and contemporary rugs could just do you the trick. But if you're not willing to experiment, use traditional rugs that give a formal look to your room and they're never out of style.

  • Position

You'd need a rug for your hallway that can withstand heavy foot traffic and that is enough to create an interesting look. While for kitchen you would want to select a rug that can conceal heavy stains, without having to bother much about its cleaning.

  • Durability

Rug's durability often depends on its material, how it is being utilized and its placement. Jutes and other natural fiber rugs work quite well in all conditions, since they are easy to maintain. Shaggy rugs, rugs made from wool feel comfortable underfoot. They are especially good if you live in a cold environment. These rugs can be used in bedrooms or in areas with low foot traffic. To increase durability, cleaning, and maintaining rugs regularly is important. Low pile rugs are best suitable for high foot traffic areas. These rugs are less plush but are easy to clean. Meanwhile, heavy pile rugs which are bit thicker can be used in private spaces.

  • Consider climate

Climate greatly affects how you use rugs. Individuals living in much colder places may be interested in buying thick fur or woolen rugs. A warmer climate, meanwhile, may require lightweight rugs made of natural fiber.

  • Patterns

Choose rugs based on furniture types. Bold and colourful patterned rugs beautifully complement solid colour furniture. While, if you have furniture with intricate detailing, you would want to buy a rug in muted or primary colour to further enhance the beauty of the furniture. Utilizing colour contrasts, eye-popping colours light up dull rooms. Another option is using simple patterns with complementing colours and textures, for a more sophisticated and polished look. But do not get carried away by the sheer variety of available rugs. Use rugs that work well with your existing furniture and which also leaves room for a little experiment in the future.

  • Blend with accessories

Pick a rug that works well with accessories in the room. There's a great way to achieve contrast by using modern rugs, with pastel colour sofas and colourful, embroidered pillows, curtains etc. If an expensive luxurious rug is a centerpiece in your living room, then do not hide it under heavy furniture. Use a center table made from glass, so that you will be able to admire that piece of art underneath your feet.

  • Rug Pads

Rug pad protects rugs from shifting and help in avoiding potential accidents. Along with great utility, pads also increase the durability of rugs by reducing friction between floor and rug material.

  • Budget

The budget would be determined by the quality and material of the rug. A good quality heirloom rug in your collection would be an excellent addition, but it would be just as expensive. Not always cheap rugs are bad in quality but better craftsmanship, good raw material used to make expensive rugs extends their lives. However, you don't always have to spend fortune to buy a good quality rug. Today affordable machine woven rugs are available in the market, which are equally good in quality. Make sure you choose rugs wisely that ticks all the necessary boxes for you.

Final Thought

Above mentioned are some of the important points to remember before buying a rug, while there may be several other factors that may intervene in your decision of buying rugs. If you want to avoid any more confusion visit rugs galore and purchase an excellent quality rug at a perfectly affordable price.

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