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Living Room Rug Ideas

Living Room Rug Ideas

The living room is the focal point of any household. When guests enter your house, the living room is the area they first encounter. Living room space is where you entertain all your guests, bond with your friends and family. Naturally, all eyes are on this room, so this room must have a welcoming feel to it.
A homely feeling does not necessarily mean a room has to be boring. Your living room can exude drama or extravagance with a touch of warmth to it. But even with all the accessories and carefully selected artifacts, your living room may seem to lack the required personality. Sometimes all you need for your living room is one carefully selected living room rug to bind all the elements in a cohesive theme. At RugsGalore we have the biggest range of rugs in Melbourne, which will make it easier for you to find the perfect match.

Many people often make a mistake of choosing only heavy furniture like sofas or tables and other furniture pieces and neglecting other key elements like floor rugs. Needless to say, Furniture pieces are important but rugs add a unique aesthetic feel to the room. They can accentuate already existing furniture and make designing any room decor a lot easier without needing to spend loads of money.
Rugs can be functional as well as well-crafted art pieces. They can add warmth, comfort and style to a room. A rug can also reflect your individuality, personality and style.

Here are some of the living room rug ideas:

  • Rugs come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. You can decorate living rooms with rugs and accessories based on a particular theme for room decor e.g. traditional rugs or modern rugs.
  • Layering two or more rugs is another way to creatively mix and match different styles. Sometimes best-decorating ideas can be found by combining seemingly contrasting styles that work harmoniously when putting together.
  • One of the latest techniques that have been trending is hanging up a rug on a living room wall. Hanging a contemporary looking rug can be a great idea to decorate a plain wall. Neutral colored walls are perfect to showcase a handcrafted Persian rug that creates envy among your guests.
  • In open home design spaces, rugs can create that separation line between your living room and modern dining areas. Well-selected and color co-ordinated rugs between the living room and dining room will tie the two spaces perfectly.

Before selecting a living room rug some basic things need to be kept in mind,

  • Size: Select the right size rug. Common sizing in rugs are 120x170cm, 160x230cm, 200x290cm, 240x330cm, 300x400cm, A large size rug that covers the whole room might make a smaller room look even smaller or gives a dense feeling to the room. Choose the rug size whether rectangular or square according to your requirement is important. Also, a lighter coloured rug can give the room a more open feeling and sometimes darker coloured rugs can close the room in. Most rugs can be altered and cut down to specific measurements if required, ask the Sales Person it was possible with your choice of rug.
  • Comfort: Rugs come with different texture and materials that add to the comfort of the rug.
  • Care: If you entertain a lot of guests frequently then it is best to choose a rug that is made of a material which is easy to clean stains from. Your Sales Person can advise you on this matter.
  • Style: Rugs come in a lot of styles, colour is first priority then comes the pattern while choosing.
  • Texture: Texture of rug and room lighting can change the whole look. Rugs made of viscose are reflective in internal light, while certain rugs come to life in daylight.

Once you assess your need for the type of rug, choose a rug that best fits your budget. Depending on your budget you can choose an authentic handmade rug or machine woven which is more affordable. Rugs occupy your living spaces for considerable years, so choose a rug that not only fits functionality but adds the personality to your living room.

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