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Modern Rugs Vs Traditional Rugs

Modern Rugs Vs Traditional Rugs

There are plenty of reasons why people opt for traditional rugs. Traditional rugs are classic, timeless but are safe as an option, whereas modern or contemporary rugs are available in eclectic shapes and bright colours. Modern rugs allow you to step away from the usual and be a bit adventurous.
You may prefer buying a traditional handwoven rug. But if your house radiates a contemporary style and has a lot of foot traffic, then traditional rugs may not be a great choice. That's why it is important to choose a rug according to your room's decor requirements and intended utility. So before you finalize which rug to buy and where to buy these rugs in Melbourne, lets' uncover pro and cons of the traditional rug and modern rug.
While most people are well acquainted with the prominent differences between traditional and modern rugs, there are more factors than people think instantly.

Traditional Rugs:

Traditional rugs are invariably the most popular choice among house owners as well as interior designers. And they are easiest to find. As technology has advanced machine woven rugs that are perfect imitation of traditional rugs are easily available in the market. These rugs are much affordable than hand-woven traditional rugs and are as beautiful as the original. While many people have a disregard for machine woven rugs, but the amount of variety they provide is undeniable. This, too, at a reasonable cost. However, nothing beats the quality and longevity of a handwoven rug.
The history of traditional rugs dates back to a few thousand years. These rugs have an undeniable charm. They are timeless and are versatile enough to adapt to different home decor settings. Additionally, they exuberate a sense of luxury and elegance when placed with intricately detailed furniture.
These rugs are usually identified by designs of big central medallions, ornate borders, fringes and floral motifs all over the rug. Wide ornate borders are generally filled with intricate patterns, sometimes separated by compartments. On the other hand, rugs with tribal designs, patterns or with similar cultural references also belong to the family of traditional rugs.

Reasons To Consider When Buying A Traditional Rug:

  • Traditional rugs have a universal appeal. You can lay these rugs in almost any room.
  • For an elegant sophistication or to set up a more formal atmosphere in your living room, traditional rugs can be your best choice.
  • Handwoven traditional rugs are often a piece of art, as their designs have cultural as well as a historical reference. These rugs have all the potential to become an heirloom piece in your rug collection.
  • These rugs add a sense of grandness to your rooms. You can skillfully place these rugs to make a smaller room look bigger.
  • As these rugs traditionally incorporate blue, maroon, red and black colour, they tend to produce more serious look to your room.
  • Additionally, traditional rugs can also be utilized in the modern setting as well, with the help of different layering techniques.

Modern Rugs:

As we live in this modern era majority of us prefer to follow the newest interior design trends. These rugs very well complement today's contemporary style interiors.
Modern rugs are not confined to any specific type of pattern nor do they incorporate any cultural design pattern in their weaves. In spite of that, modern rugs can be equally mesmerizing. The possibilities are limitless with these types of rugs. They come in a variety of bold patterns, vibrant eye-catching colours, unpredictable shapes and sizes. Moreover, you can find a rug that suits your individual taste.
Modern rugs are made from natural fibre material as well as synthetic fibre materials. You can choose rug based on the area in which you will lay it, average foot traffic and existing furniture in your house.

Reasons To Consider When Buying A Modern Rug:

  • These rugs are often used as great statement pieces.
  • Contemporary rugs come in tons of variety. Homeowners get unlimited options to choose from.
  • Modern rugs made from synthetic fibre are durable and easy to maintain. These rugs are preferred by homeowners who have kids.
  • As these rugs are often machine woven, it inevitably brings down their overall cost. This feature makes these rugs affordable to almost anyone. However, rugs belonging to higher price range with the finest quality are also available in the market.
  • These rugs are excellent in setting a specific tone for your room. For example, you can find shaggy rugs in Melbourne at our store that gives a cozy feeling and are very soft underfoot.
  • As interior design trend keeps getting updated, so does trends for rugs. So you automatically get to choose from most experimental and innovative rug designs in the market.
  • Just like their traditional counterparts, modern rugs do have every potential to make your room look elegant and sophisticated.

Both, traditional and modern rugs have their own perks. However, a true stylist knows how to perfectly blend these two varieties in one setting. You can place a traditional rug in modern home decor setting and vice versa, which creates a complementary contrast, that's both unique and chic. Ultimately it's your personal taste that should guide you while choosing a rug.
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