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Master Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas

Master Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas

Are you in search of an idea to decorate your master bedroom? If so, you might have realized that figuring out the exact way to decorate your personal space like a bedroom is not an easy task.

Even if your bedroom is your private space and no outsider is ever going to see that part of the home, it should still reflect your personality. The room should make you feel warm and help you unwind.

So how would you do that?

One of the easiest ways to add that personality to your bedroom without spending loads of money is to lay a rug along with your thoughtfully placed furniture.

Rugs not only bring personality to the room but they are also extremely useful. On cold winter mornings, these rugs provide a warm surface for your feet when you step out of your bed. Rugs are a great addition if you have hardwood floorings; they will contribute towards absorbing sound and save floorings from scratches.

But there are few things you should consider before deciding your master bedroom's rug placement and position.

1. Make sure the rug you choose is of the right size

Most common dilemma people face is what size of rug you should choose? 

  • Ideally, when you lay a rug underneath your bed it should extend at least 2 feet beyond the edge of your bed.

  • If your bedroom area is larger and has a separate sitting space, you can place rugs that will create a space separation illusion.

  • A rug should not push up against the edge of any furniture. Choose a rug that is either large enough to spread under the dressers etc. or a smaller one that fits well within all furniture space.

You can find different types of rugs right from cheap online rugs for the strict budget constraint to an extravagant rug that oozes luxury. 

2. Choose a rug that suits your style

Your bedroom is your personal space, so you don't have to worry about foot traffic. This room specifically asks for comfort over all the other factors. For this room, you can experiment with different textures that most appeal to you. Choose a rug style that represents both you and your partner's taste. 

3. Keep your rugs in place

Rugs are indeed an excellent addition for different rooms in your house. But they slip or slide especially on hard flooring and can ruin the whole look of the room.  Add rubber rug mat beneath rugs to prevent them from sliding. 

Here are some bedroom rug placement ideas to give it that extra special touch,

  • Choose light coloured rugs that reflect sunlight as well as artificial light. Colour coordinate bedroom rug with pillow cover colours and blankets.  Light colours can make your bedroom look bigger and can accentuate unique furniture pieces.

  • You cannot go wrong with shaggy rugs. They feel very comfortable on your feet. You can get shaggy rugs in different colour and patterns.

  • Choose jewel-toned rugs that adds character to your bedroom. Rich jewel tones give a luxurious look to the room.

  • You can choose more traditional rugs which are easily available in the market. The familiar patterns with traditional rugs make it easier for even amateur home decorators to find the perfect rug for their chosen spaces.

  • If industrial look suits your aesthetic sense you can choose a patterned rug in light shades. You can achieve that industrial look still maintaining the colour scheme.

  • If you love experimenting and absolutely love bright colours, then rugs with the bohemian look are absolute must-have for you. These rugs fill the room with multiple colours and give you a joyful feel.

  • Black and white rugs may seem very basic but can absolutely transform your room giving it a shabby chic look. These rugs make other colours stand out. They are an excellent choice when you want to accentuate any special piece of furniture.

  • Modern rugs with more earthy tones give your bedroom a feminine feel or equally transform the whole atmosphere of the room into a masculine vibe. Modern rugs are frequently preferred by people with modern aesthetic sense.

Most common rug sizes available at stores are
80cmx150cm, 120cmx170cm, 160cmx230cm, 200cmx290cm, 240cmx330cm, 300cmx400cm

If you feel inspired to buy a rug for your master bedroom, you can find fine quality rugs in Melbourne at Rugs Galore.

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