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Interior Design Trends and Ideas 2020

Interior Design Trends and Ideas 2020

In today's stressful times, when the outside world leaves you overwhelmed, you seek living space which provides you with an escape and sense of calmness.
Therefore, people desire to create their own sanctuaries inside of living spaces. To create such an atmosphere interior design and decorating play a key role, as it helps you to create warm, welcoming and relaxing vibes.

While designing your home by incorporating own creativity is certainly a thrilling task but it is equally challenging. Usually, people want living spaces to reflect their personality and also showcase design aesthetic in more tasteful ways. In this pursuit, the most common dilemma we all face is deciding exactly how to incorporate these aspects in your home interior environment.

That's when we all lookout for the latest interior design trends. Tracking the hottest trends regularly does give you information about what's new and innovative available in the market. They are also a great source of inspiration.

But with every new season, new trends emerge. They may evolve from previous trends or bring in completely new ideas. So, it would be wise not to feel the pressure to incorporate trends hastily. Despite that sometimes we voluntarily choose to make changes in the interior while sometimes trends tempt us to bring the change.

Everyone may not have a budget for a complete makeover of the house but once in a while, we all could use delightful and aesthetically appealing change.

So, here are some pointers and the best interior design trends for 2020 which would help you to explore the fascinating realm of interior design.

Getting started

If you are a person who appreciates art whether paintings, sculptures carvings and collects such artifacts, then your home becomes a constantly evolving mix of all those things.

The real challenge starts when you want to find a perfect balance between the results you want to achieve and things you already have. Therefore it is vital to have a plan in advance before you commence interior design work.

Furthermore, read on to find out top interior design trends for 2020.

1. Colour palette

Long gone is the era of extravagant living spaces, with gold coloured motifs on walls. Millennial generation inspired colour palettes are here to stay. The millennial generation is used to in living compact spaces and has an inclination towards soft, pastel shades of colours when it comes to painting home interiors. This trend is showing its presence in everything right from walls to furniture pieces. Soft and pastel hues have a soothing effect on the eyes. Pastel shades are also safer options and one cannot really go overboard with them.

But if you already had a neutral colour scheme on your walls, then you can experiment with some bold colours such as burnished red, blush mustard or shades of dark blue or green, while staying on-trend.
Also, you can choose colours and patterns to enhance the beauty of furniture as well as centrepieces.

2. Plaster finish

Most of us grew up with seeing walls painted with synthetic paints, which has a tendency to create a somewhat artificial look. But thanks to the sustainability movement, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)-free alternatives are becoming part of modern interior. Therefore, plaster wall textures and finishes are becoming one of the major trends. The modern industrial look is also evolving, from hard exposed brickwork and metal to softer single coloured textured walls of raw plaster.

Plaster finish walls are often single-coloured. Its monotone feature, when combined with a pop of blue, green, deep purple, or a softer pastel coloured artwork, sofa pillows and throw modern rugs, can make a powerful impact.

3. Creative rugs

Rugs are functional and add a certain style to your room. No one can deny the importance of rugs and carpets in interior design. Rugs create beautiful textural contrast inside a room. Modern rugs made with distinct patterns, area rugs made from different materials, traditional rugs with unique cultural twist or rugs with contemporary look add character into modern interior design. Rugs are perfect for creating warm and cozy spaces. The trend is growing as rugs are now available in interesting shapes and unexpected materials. Hand-crafted, custom rugs with higher price tags are also gaining popularity due to their longevity.
As rugs come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes, with little creativity and imagination you can define the mood in the room. Because of the versatility they can create an appealing look and feel to any home.

4. Multi-utility and space-saving interior design

Modern living spaces in metropolitan cities are often smaller in square meters. Moreover, there are various socio-economic reasons which compel people to choose smaller or moderate-sized living spaces. Therefore, in order to utilize every inch of available space, individuals are opting for a multifunctional and space-saving furniture.

As sustainability finds its acceptance in different strata of society, consumers are choosing furniture that can be used for long term. More and more individuals are choosing furniture with that is classic and chic. The trend seems to be dominated not only private homes but also commercial property interior design. It means that this interior design trend is definitely here to stay.

5. Bringing living nature indoors

If you are a nature lover, then this is the trend that you need to try out. Its gaining popularity very quickly. We have seen different interpretations of this trend in malls, commercial spaces. But now it is being loved by urbanites as well.

Placing plants indoors is the simplest way to transform and brighten up any dark corner in the house. Additionally, small pots gardens give you a chance to bring a part of outside nature in your indoor space.

If anyone has space limitations, then creating a living wall is a great way to embrace this interior design trend. Living walls are developed vertically, require much less space and are perfect for roof terrace garden as well as balconies. Additionally, instead of using live plants, you can incorporate accessories that are replicas of natural plants.

Moreover, these interior design trends may pave the way for new trends in the industry for the coming years or they may evolve into something completely unique and surprise us.

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