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How To Recycle Old Rugs

How To Recycle Old Rugs

Rugs are important elements of home décor. Like most homeowners who are excited to decorate their living spaces, you may go through a number of catalogs, stores, etc. to find a perfect rug. However, after few years of use, your rug might get worn out and may need to be replaced with a new one. Apart from wear and tear, one may want to replace their existing rug due to changes in home décor trends, change in individual’s own preferences, or shifting to a completely new home where your old rugs do not compliment the new home décor.

In any of the above instances, old rugs often get thrown away. But rugs are not always made from biodegradable material. Such thrown-away piles of rugs create a waste that is difficult to recycle and poses a significant threat to the environment. Thus recycling your used rugs is the best way to move forward.

How To Recycle Old Rugs?

As mentioned earlier, recycling rugs is not easier. Not many individuals are aware of the fact that rugs can be recycled. Thus the first step is to find out the nearest rug/carpet recycling program. As such facilities are limited in number, it is unlikely that they will provide a pick-up facility to you. However, they do accept such used rugs if you bring them to them. Otherwise, you can look up online and discover about such environmentally friendly initiatives. Many recycling facilities are often multipurpose and accept items made from glass, Styrofoam, etc. also accept rugs for recycling.

Can You Reuse Your Rugs?

The answer is yes. Many thrift shops do accept used rugs that are still in usable condition. Such carpets are then subjected to many processes and then are offered for re-sale. On the other hand, you can reuse old used carpets/rugs yourself in an effective and creative way. Unleashing your creative side will help you in creating unique home décor pieces and repurpose worn-out rugs.

Here Are The Ways To Reuse Old Rugs:

We will start with some of the easiest and DIY processes to repurpose your rugs.
  • Resize and Reuse As a Doormat

First, clean the carpet with basic cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar. Take out scissors and cut them out in shapes that you want. Square is the most common shape for doormats. However, you can also cut out circular medallions from your traditional rugs that are inbuilt in the carpet and use them as a doormat. If you own the most popularly available modern rugs in Melbourne, doormats made from such rugs will look even better. To make doormats more attractive, you can attach tassels, fringe laces, or any other fabric patches to make these doormats as good as new.
  • Paint Patterns Using Stencils

A simple rug can become a great canvas to express your creativity. Use stencils with geometric shapes, flower patterns to paint patterns on your rugs. You can paint a pattern of your choice and use colors that perfectly match existing home décor.
  • Move Your Rug in An Outdoor Setting

Today market place is flooded with indoor as well as outdoor rugs. Both rugs are fulfilled different purposes. However, your warn-out rugs can be used in outdoor space. Make outdoor living spaces more appealing by laying old rugs on outdoor sofas. Also, you can make poolside spaces more comfortable with soft rugs.
  • Use Rugs As Floor Mats in Cars

Buying good-quality floor mats for your car can become an expensive affair. Instead, you can use old rugs, cut them in floor mat shape and use them in your car. Such mats are more conformable than floor mats made from plastic or rubber material. Also, these mats look more appealing and add to the overall aesthetic inside of the vehicle in a cost-effective way.

  • Use Old Rug for Pet House

This is one of the easiest ways to reuse your old rug is to repurpose them for pet houses. In order to create a pet bed, cut the carpet in the size you want, stitch two pieces together after stuffing some cotton inside. This will become a comfortable bed for your pet. Else, these rug cutouts can be used as a bed cover for pet beds. If you have a large rug, you would be able to stitch multiple bed covers.
  • Create Chic Looking Coasters

Don’t you get irritated when someone puts a coffee cup on a freshly cleaned marble kitchen tabletop, or on a glass top of a dining table? That’s why we use a coaster. Regular coasters made from plastic or wood do not absorb liquid. But if you create coasters from an old warn-out rug, they can be both functional and aesthetically appealing. Additionally, cloth material will easily absorb spilled liquid, keeping your tabletops free from any stains.
  • Upgrade Upholstery

One can easily transform their bed upholstery by using cutouts from old rugs. This DIY trick can help you create a unique and personalized upholstery for your bed. There practically no limitations to the number of designs you can transform your bed upholstery.

Final Word:

Have you recycled or repurposed your old rug already? If not, sell your rug in a backyard rug sale in Melbourne or donate it to the needy. However, keep the creative juices flowing and explore your own way to repurpose a rug.

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