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How to Pick The Right Rug Color

How to Pick The Right Rug Color

We know all about the help you need. When buying rugs, picking the right color may not always be easy. Especially when you've spent months on end planning the perfect decor for your house and investing in a high-quality rug, you don't want a poor color choice to ruin your look. But fret not! With Rugs Galore Melbourne, you have nothing to worry about. Sit back and relax as we help you make the perfect choices for your beautiful house. Let's go!

In this blog, we will discuss tips on how to pick the perfect-colured rug.

1. Neutral Colors

When picking floor rugs in Melbourne, choosing the right color is very important. If the space you're looking to place your rug in is full of furniture, designs, and loud colors, a neutral color will blend in well with the look. It can help bring the look together by giving a relaxing effect to the setup.

Most people pick neutral-colored rugs for their rooms. Beige, Cream, light brown, light grey, or light shades always fit well with any setup. They work exceptionally well for smaller spaces or rooms and can hold the look together.

2. Bold Colors

Most people hesitate when it comes to picking a bold color for their rugs. Bold colors do not always have to mean loud and eye-catching. They can come in handy when you want to enhance the look of your room using color with more personality and statement.

An essential tip for deciding whether you should go for a bold-colored rug or not is to scan your furnishing and identify what neutral-colored pieces of furniture you have. If larger pieces of your furniture are in neutral colors, a bold colored rug would be a great choice to embellish the look of your space. A great way to tie in the color of your choice is to match it with the color of smaller accessories in the room. Say, for example, if the curtains in the room are a particularly loud color, pick a rug with a similar bold color shade to ensure it remains the focal point of the room without looking out of place. Bold-colored rugs can serve as excellent centerpieces for your space.

3. Colorful Patterns

If your room's main piece of furniture is a solid color, consider picking a colorful pattern for your rug. You might worry that a colorful design may make the room look too busy and full but complement it with any motifs that already exist in the room to get a balanced look.

For example, if your curtains are patterned, go for a neutral-colored rug with patterns to maintain the room's aesthetic. On the other hand, if your furniture is more solid and muted colors, a colorful bright rug can add life to the room. Modern rugs at Rugsgalore come in classic patterns and colors to give your room a needed look.

A few other tips to consider when choosing the color of your rug are:
  • Choose a rug that combines the same hues as your room's established color scheme, which may include a mix of subdued and dramatic colors. This will go well with the current decor.
  • The contrast between brilliantly colored walls and soft grays and subdued tans is ideal. Consider a muted rug if your area has warm yellow or orange walls to ensure that visitors' eyes are led to the proper spot.
  • Consider coordinating elements if your carpeting introduces a new accent hue to your space. Throw cushions, wall art, or simply a vase in the same shade can instantly transform a room.
  • Patterned carpets look wonderful in spaces with a neutral color scheme. Try to coordinate one of the rug's colors with the furnishings.
  • Solid or subdued colors are preferred for rooms with furniture upholstered in a vibrant pattern.
However, it is important to remember that mood, color, and style are not the only elements that matter when picking a rug. Here are a few more points to keep in mind when choosing a rug:
  • Darker hues are better at hiding stains on wood. If you have dark wood floors, a rug in a comparable dark tone might be a good purchase.
  • Choose a brighter color rug to go with softer, subdued walls and furnishings if you want your area rug to be the space's focal point. With more soothing warm-colored walls, a vibrant shade of orange or red would work perfectly well.
  • Not all rug materials are colorfast. Fading is a common problem with wool rugs, for example. Consider how the rug will look once it has faded a bit.
Regardless of the rug you choose, regular maintenance is an essential factor to consider. For example, high-quality modern rugs would require multi-step cleaning to retain their character and color. Consider all the other elements too, when picking a rug that fits your space well.

The color and design of your rug may set the tone of the area since it serves as an anchor. Dark, rich hues tend to define a more intimate room, while lighter colors help to make a smaller space feel larger. All the tips shared above are to help you make the right decision. However, when it comes to choosing the color, it is always best to follow your heart and pick the color you like the most.

At Rugs Galore, we'll be happy to assist you in picking the perfect rug for your space.

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