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How to Clean Rugs

How to Clean Rugs

As stated by William Bernstein, an American financial theorist, neurologist and a pioneer in the investment world, “Investment success accrues not so much to the brilliant as to the disciplined”. These wise words are not only true for an individual’s personal investment but can equally resonate with investments in other areas of life as well.And rugs used in your home are no exception to this rule, either. For many households, area rugs represent a significant investment. Rugs are functional and they add colour, warmth as well as personality to any room. You can find the best quality traditional & modern rugs Melbourne to revamp your interiors.

Nevertheless, as rugs take all the beating, they eventually require cleaning. As the quote aptly underlines, to retain your rug’s look and feel as good as new, you have to invest some of your time in regularly cleaning it. Additionally, they may require deep cleaning once a year, along with the regular cleaning.

Here are some of the advantages why you should consider cleaning your rugs regularly,

  • First and the most obvious advantage, cleaning removes deep-rooted stains as well as dust, dirt etc.
  • It improves the longevity of rugs
  • With the help of professional cleaning services, you can get rid of bacteria, allergens, contaminants or other airborne particles. Even if professional cleaners cannot completely eliminate these contaminants, they can surely minimize its presence.
  • Improves the look and feel
  • Removing dark areas on the rugs and restoring rug aesthetic

Therefore use these following tips to clean rugs in your house. However, do check for any special cleaning instructions mentioned on the tags attached on rugs.

Cleaning rugs at home is super easy. You require only the following basic tools;

  • Vacuum
  • Broom or rug beater
  • Buckets
  • Carpet shampoo or liquid dish soap
  • Large tarp
  • Laundry drying rack
  • Hose
  • Soft-bristle brush
  • Towels
You can set up a proper work station for systematically cleaning rugs. An outdoor cleaning station would be ideal. If not, use any area suitable corner in your house. Summer might be the best season for initiating deep cleaning project. Additionally, dry weather helps in eliminating moisture from rugs, making your job a bit easier. Else, in other seasons choose a bright sunny day for cleaning your rug, as it will help in accelerating rugs’ drying process.
  • Start rug cleaning by vacuuming rug thoroughly on each side. If you have small size rug, shake them or knock the dust out by beating rug with a broom handle. It will remove loose dust trapped in rug fibres. If rug still feels dirty, follow further cleaning processes.However, if you own easily available small-sized floor rugs Melbourne, you can wash it in your regular washing machine.
  • Furthermore, before cleaning rugs with the chemical solution do a small colourfastness test in order to avoid any permanent damage from any chemical. You can perform such test by dabbing a little cleaning solution in the corner area of the rug and then rinse with water. If you don't see any damage after this test, then you can use the same cleaning agent to clean the rest of your rug.
  • Next step would be to prepare a cleaning solution as directed on the rug shampoo container. Mild rug shampoos are best to clean rugs. Otherwise, you can dissolve 2-3 spoons of mild soap in around 5-gallons water and then use this solution for further washing. Allow this solution to do its work and leave it there for at least a few minutes. Meanwhile, make sure you do not use extremely hot water; it may damage rug fibres permanently and may cause discolouration.
  • After applying rug shampoo, rinse it thoroughly with lots of water and make sure there’s no cleaning solution trapped in rug fibre.
  • Remove the excess water with the help of dry vacuum or soak excess water with the help of towels. Let the rug dry out completely. If you are the owner of Shaggy rug Melbourne, these rugs require a much longer time to dry.

In addition, you need to be careful when considering the type of rug you have. For example, rugs made from cotton or synthetic fibres can be hand washed only. However, wool rugs have to be cleaned with extra care. Wash wool rugs with soap specifically made for wool cleaning and avoiding any harsh beating. Also make sure you do not deep clean jute or bamboo area rugs, as it weakens rug fibres.

On the other hand, even if regular cleaning is necessary to improve the rug’s life span, too much washing might not be a good idea. And if you still feel you require help for cleaning your exquisite and expensive area rugs, then its best to opt for professional advice.

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