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How To Choose The Perfect Rug for Winter

How To Choose The Perfect Rug for Winter

The word ‘Carpet’ originated from the Latin word ‘Carpere’, which means ‘To Pluck’. As the meaning suggests carpets and rugs were originally unraveled from fabrics. But as the technology progressed, rugs started becoming available in different materials, woven with different techniques. Because of the use of varied materials and weaving techniques, rugs are ideal for usage in different seasons. As the season change, interior armaments take on a cozier feel, converting houses from light and bright to warm and inviting. Rugs are perfect floor coverings for the winter season. You can easily find the best quality rugs in Melbourne that are specifically preferred in the winter season.

If you have a unique-sized space, placing a customized rug is the most cost-effective solution. To add more warmth and texture you can place textured cushions and set the tone for the room. However, the process of choosing a perfect rug for your space can be an overwhelming task.

In order to make the process a bit easier consider following parameters.

  • Consider Factors Why You Need a Rug?

Being clear of the objective is time-saving and can prove to be cost-effective. If you are laying a rug in a high foot traffic area, such as a hallway, you may want to add extra comfortable yet easy to clean carpet. You can place traditional rugs in living room areas. Traditional rugs designs include flower motifs, medallions, Herati, etc. Thus these rugs not only look stylish but also provide excellent cushion underfoot.
  • Deciding Exact Size

Rugs do not have to take up the whole floor space of a room; they may be arranged to delineate spaces. However, one general rule to follow is that a rug must be large enough to sit underneath the front legs of the couch or any other sitting furniture in the room. Thus to select the correct rug size, properly measure the whole area of the room. You may also arrange your home with more than one rug.
  • Consider The Room Where You Are Placing the Rug

Whether you want your feet to strike something soft first thing in the morning or want to cozy up your living room, knowing where your rug will lie can help you figure out precisely what you're looking for. For example, for the bedroom area, make sure to use runners on either side of the bed, otherwise, it would be difficult to remove the rug from underneath the bed.

Whereas rugs in the dining room would require to have a defined structure while being comfortable underfoot. Also, they must cover the entire area with dining arrangements. Modern carpets are perfect for such furniture placements.

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  • Choose Appropriate Textile

The textile choice depends on customer’s preferences, whether they are prioritizing comfort or practicality. Rugs made from polypropylene, knotted cloths, etc. are easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a perfect choice for individuals prioritizing practicality.   

On the other hand, wool rugs, shag rugs, animal skin rugs are the top choice for individuals preferring comfort over practicality. Woolen carpets are popularly used in colder parts of the world due to harsh climate conditions. These carpets not only provide comfort but are also finished with attractive color patterns, which makes them perfect for indoor settings. Additionally, wool rugs can sustain wear and tear for a longer time, while retaining their aesthetic appeal.

Meanwhile, if you wish to opt for a luxurious alternative like silk, then they are indeed going to impress your guests. However, silk-made carpets are difficult to maintain as well as new for a longer time. Kashmir silk carpet is one such luxurious carpet, which has been part of many romantic fantasy novels due to its heritage feel. These carpets exuberate class and elegance while providing blissful warmth underfoot.
  • Colour and Texture

Colours and patterns have the ability to elicit sensations of warmth or displeasure. As a result, the colors of rugs must also be chosen with care. You may choose carpets with various designs and color tones. Often interior designers overlay differently sized and patterned rugs for home decor to achieve much-desired textural contrast. Such practice is an excellent way to incorporate an additional layer underfoot. Contemporary rugs provide homeowners an opportunity to experiment with colors as they are available in plenty of shades.  On the other hand, homeowners can take advantage of the simplicity provided by the handmade durries. These handmade durries are available in cotton, jute as well as wool materials. All of these rugs can be an excellent choice for those extra cold winter days.
  • Research

Last but not the least, research about different rug options available in the market near you. Having detailed information always helps, it not only introduces you to new possibilities but also alters you about possible shortcomings. Moreover, research will also help you in discovering any ongoing rug sale in Melbourne. Through such well-organized sales, you will be able to get hold of a quality rug at a much less price.

Select a rug based on the above-mentioned criteria and give your living space a comfortable makeover.

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