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How To Choose The Best Rug Material

How To Choose The Best Rug Material

When you pick a rug for your space, choosing the right material is essential to ensure your rug lasts for a longer time. Your material not only decides the durability of the rug but depending on where the rug will be placed and how much traffic it will receive, your rug material will also help you figure out the amount of softness you will need for your rug to be comfortable to walk on in that area.

Before we discuss the factors you must keep in mind when choosing the rug material, here are a few commonly used materials for rugs and their pros and cons.

Types Of Rug Materials

1. Wool

Wool is a commonly used material for rugs and is known for its durability and softness. Wool rugs are fire retardant and a perfect choice for dining, living rooms, or high-traffic areas or in front of a fireplace. The only thing to keep in mind is that they don't hold up against humidity and may start fading after a period. You will also get some shedding of fibres, depending on the type of wool used to make the rug.

2. Cotton

Like wool rugs, cotton rugs are a common choice and can serve as an economical choice for homes. The good thing about cotton rugs is that they are affordable and can be washed. They are also durable and soft like wool rugs, just that they may wear over a period of time. Cotton rugs can be a good choice for kitchens, bedrooms, or casual spaces where your rug is not the center of attention in the room.

3. Silk

Silk rugs are more expensive than wool or cotton rugs but serve as a perfect piece if you want to give your space a luxurious look. They come in different designs and provide a soft and beautiful look to the area. Since silk rugs are more delicate, they may require professional cleaning. They last longer when placed in less-traffic areas to prevent wear and tear.

4. Synthetics

There are several options within synthetic fibres that you can opt for. Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon, and Viscose are commonly used synthetic fibers for rugs. A major benefit of choosing a rug with synthetic fibre is that it is easy to clean and maintain and lasts longer than natural fibers. Although they might not look as luxurious as a natural fibre rug, you can pick these if you are looking for economical and easy-to-maintain options. We would highly recommend Heat set polypropylene rugs as they  non static,non shedding and easy to clean. Synthetic rugs can be placed in hallways or high-traffic rooms. Some are also suitable for outdoor use, please check with your rug retailer.

5. Hides

When we talk about hides, there are options for materials like sheepskin, cowhide, or leather that you can pick. These are more expensive rugs and sustain best when used in low-traffic areas. Hides give a luxurious look and feel to your space but will require more care and maintenance for durability. These rugs suit best when placed in living rooms or essential spaces of your house that you want to give a stylish look.

But how do you decide which material to pick for your house?

How To Choose the Best Rug Material?

Although all the above-stated options are commonly used, your pick should depend on your needs, i.e., where you want to place your rug, what usage you want it for, what look and feel you want for the room, and more.

1. Decide where you want to place the rug.

The selection of material has a lot to do with where you want to place the rug. Since that will also determine how much foot traffic your rug will get and what purpose you want to place it there for.

If you want to place a rug in your living room with high traffic, silk rugs might not be the best choice due to the wear and tear that can reduce their longevity.

2. What look and feel do you want to give the space?

It is important to decide the look and feel of your space. Not all rug materials will go with how you have designed your space, furniture, and accessories in the room.

For high traffic areas it would be sensible to use Heat set polypropylene as these areas require constant vacuum and cleaning. On the other hand, natural fibers like jute rug would suit better if you want to give the space a more organic look.

3. Decide upon the usage.

How will your rug be used? This determines the durability of the material you pick. Rugs that are easy to clean and wash would be a better fit for high-traffic areas. If you want to add a rug to your room to embellish the overall look, you may opt for expensive rugs.

Cotton or synthetic rugs would be a good choice for living or dining areas where there would be many people. They can also be a good fit for children's rooms since they won't wear and tear easily and are easy to wash. Wool rugs can be a good pick for bedrooms since they will add to the room's coziness and give a soft and comfortable feel to the space.

4. Decide on the budget.

This is another essential aspect to be mindful of when choosing the rug material. Are you looking to invest more in the rug, or do you want an economical choice that you can replace any time you wish to in the future?

If you are looking for high-end rugs, a silk or hide rug would be perfect. But if you want something more affordable to deal with the wear and tear in busy rooms, cotton or synthetic fiber rugs are the best choices.


Choosing a rug for your house is not an easy task. Many factors come into play when you need to make such decisions, and expert advice can make a huge difference in helping you pick the best rug material to suit your needs. Visit Rugs Galore today and let our professionals help you make the best choice!

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