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How to Choose The Best Hall Runners

How to Choose The Best Hall Runners

Interior designers give much preference to carpets and floor rugs and thus runners receive less appreciation than they deserve. However, runners have every potential to completely transform any narrow space in your house. Runners can be effectively used to tie two spaces with a consistent look. These characteristics make runners a classic covering. Along with the aesthetic aspect, runners add cushioning for feet while reducing the noise of your kids running up and down the hallways. But why stop just there?

Are you confused about how to decorate those long narrow spaces between rooms in a most functional and attractive manner? Hallway runner is your answer to all such queries. But selecting one can be a daunting task. The quick information will help you pick the best hall runners Melbourne.

However, Let’s First Have a Brief Idea About What Exactly Runners Are?

Runners and rugs are much similar in appearance but significantly differ in terms of their functions; however, they can be utilized in a similar manner if you have toddlers in your house. These floor coverings are called runners because these are typically placed in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Dimension wise, runners are longer than they are wide. They are perfectly suitable for long hallways or any narrow spaces in your house. Additionally, they are multifunctional. Runners protect high foot traffic areas while enhancing the aesthetic aspect of the space. Nevertheless, they are also used for staircases.

How to Choose The Best Hall Runner?

  • Fiber:

Whether you are placing a runner at the entrance of the hallway or an on the floor leading to the bedroom, runners can be art pieces that unify the overall interior.   

However, pay close attention to the type of fiber used to knit the runner rug. It can be the first deciding factor while choosing a runner. If you are using runners in busy hallways, they opt for durable fiber material, or else it won’t last long.

The most common and best fiber materials used for weaving rugs are wool, jute, sisal, and Polypropylene. Materials such as wool or jute are natural fibers and are always a good choice for long-lasting quality rugs. These runners provide both comforts as well as durability. Additionally, a natural fiber runner such as a jute or sisal provides a stunning, textured, and neutral look.

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  • Measure space:

Today there are so many types of runners available in market. Thus they must be selected based on the overall shape and dimensions of the hallway.  Nevertheless, the standard dimension of runner rugs is between 2 to 3 feet wide, while the length is usually between 6 to 12 feet. To make them look more impactful keep runners well centered between the walls and leave at least 4-inch flooring visible on both sides of the runner. Also, consider the location of any furniture in the hallway and lay runners accordingly.
  • Colour:

The Colour scheme can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the room.  Thus figure out what type of colors you want to incorporate in hallway décor. Determine your style and then choose the appropriate runner. Use pastel monotone colors to make the hallway look larger. On the other hand, the use of darker colors will give the room have an intense look.

If you have pets or toddlers at your home, then buy runners with earthy tones or darker colors. Such colors are great for hiding food stains and any other spillage stains.

You can use accent rugs to add that extra something to your hallways. Use red or maroon colored runner to inject vibrancy to a neutral color scheme of the room or lay grey colored runners with a silver border to bring in a traditional Victorian look.

Also, you can buy multicolor runners to brighten up darker entryways. Moreover, it is advised that runners must be chosen similar to or complementing to wall/door color.
  • Style or Patterns:

As most house entrances open directly to hallways, these spaces can be utilized to create an excellent first impression.  Thus it is necessary to choose runners with the right pattern and color. You can find a variety of modern rugs Melbourne.   

To expand into a wall to wall floor covering, opt for a runner with bold repeated patterns such as stripes or checks. You can further bring in the cohesive look in other rooms by using the same pattern in pastel shades. Further, you can use abstract designs to create an art inspired hallway.  Give your hallways a traditional touch with runners having floral patterned rugs available in Melbourne. On the other hand, use geometrical pattern design to achieve a more contemporary look.

Nevertheless, do not shy away from experimenting with different patterns, as you may come up with your own unique look.

Benefits of Using Runners:

  1. Runners are both functional and decorative pieces. They add a layer of cushioning on hardwood floors and protect flooring in high foot traffic areas.
  2. They provide better traction for walking on wooden floorings. If you have elders or children in your home, then runners can be the most functional additions to your home décor.
  3. As runners are comparatively smaller in size than rugs, they are easy to maintain and can efficiently transform narrow hallway spaces with minimum effort.
Now that you are aware of how to choose hallway runners, you can liven up your hallways with minimum hassle.

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