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Finding the Right Rug Size

Finding the Right Rug Size

When it comes to transforming the ambience of a room, few things can challenge the impact of a well-chosen rug. Not only does it add warmth and comfort to a space, but it also ties together the elements of your decor. Whether you're searching for floor rugs, hall runners, or area rugs this guide will help you navigate and help to make an informed decision in buying a rug.

1. Consider the Room's Purpose and Layout

Before considering buying a rug, it's crucial to understand the purpose and layout of the room you're decorating. Different rooms have unique requirements for rug sizing. For instance, in a living room, you would needa larger rug that accommodates the entire seating area, while in a bedroom, a smaller rug may suffice on the sides of the bed.


Start by measuring the dimensions of your room and visualizing how you want the furniture to be arranged. Consider whether you want the rug to be the focal point or if you prefer it to blend in with the overall decor. This will help you determine the ideal rug size for your space.

2. Living Room Rug Sizes

The living room is often the heart of the home, where family and guests gather for relaxation and entertainment. The rug should complementthe furniture arrangement to create an inviting space.


If you have a larger living room, opt for a rug that is big enough to fit all the furniture legs on it, or at least the front legs of the sofas and chairs. This helps to define the seating area and creates a unified look. For smaller living rooms, a rug that sits in front of the sofa with the coffee table placed on top can work well.

3. Bedroom Rug Sizes

In the bedroom, the rug serves as a cozy look that can also add warmth and comfort to your room. When choosing a rug for the bedroom, consider the size and layout of the bed. This creates a soft-landing spot when getting out of bed. For larger beds, like queen or king-sized, a rug that extends even further can create a more luxurious feel. Alternatively, you can opt for two smaller rugs on either side of the bed.


4. Hallway and Entryway Rug Sizes

Hall runners and rugs in an entry can add style while protecting the floor. When choosing a rug for a hallway or entryway, measure the width and length of the space.
Ideally, the rug should be wide enough to cover the width of the hallway or entryway, allowing for a few inches of floor space on either side. The length should be long enough to cover the desired area without appearing cramped or too short.


5. Budget-Friendly Rug Options

When it comes to finding the right rug size, budget-friendly options are widely available, allowing you to enhance your space without breaking the bank. Despite being cost-effective, these rugs do not compromise on quality or style. You can always drop into a Rugs Galore store and a qualified staff member will help you with the correct look to suit your budget or visit our online store at www.rugsgalore.com.au.


With a wide range of rug options available in Melbourne, you can easily find the perfect rug size to elevate the ambience of your space. By considering the purpose and layout of the room, you can make an informed decision that enhances both style and functionality.

Whether you're searching for floor rugs, hall runners, or affordable options be sure to visit a Rugs Galore store located at Unit 4, 214-218 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn or Unit 3, 15 Greens Road Dandenong South. Take advantage of theRugs Galore sales in Melbourne to find a high-quality rug that fits your budget and compliments your decor.


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