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DIY Home Decor Tips

DIY Home Decor Tips

Have you recently considered redecorating your home? Everyone experiences such an impulse every once in a while. Though the prospect of redecorating can seem enticing, it can be a costly endeavor. But you can awaken your creative side and make your own DIY home décor elements. DIY elements not only adds a personalized touch to your space but also provide you with economical options. Additionally, you can experiment as much as you want while creating your own home décor pieces.

So here are some of the DIY home décor tips to redecorate your home. You can start your DIY project with some simple ideas and then can gradually incorporate the newest DIY home decorating trends.
  • DIY Floor Rugs

Floor rugs provide a soft surface for you to step on. They add both functional and decorative elements to your space. Moreover, you can easily find various types of floor rugs Melbourne. However, you can always explore your creative side and build yourself a rug from old torn clothes, ropes, shreds of old t-shirts, or any other material that you desire. If not, incorporate a cheap rug available in Melbourne to reduce your overall spending. Furthermore, you can choose from traditional area rugs, modern rugs, hallway runners, shaggy rugs in Melbourne to define a theme for your living space.
  • Upcycle Used Wine Bottles

Wine bottles have a very beautiful shape, thus they can be re-purposed. You can paint them with acrylic colors or with spray paint. Further, decorate these painted bottles with little mirrors, beautiful lace, faux pearls, glitter, or any other art supply. You can also add fairy lights inside the bottle to light up a corner on your balcony. Nevertheless, these decorated bottles can be used as vases, plant propagation containers, or simply as beautiful centerpieces.
  • Hang a mirror on the wall

Mirror are excellent decorative items when you want to make a small space look bigger. Additionally, mirrors reflect lights and thus can brighten up any space. Today mirrors are available in so many different shapes and sizes. Opt for a mirror with an intricately detailed frame to bring in the vintage vibe in the room. Else, choose a mirror with a modern slick frame and give your space a contemporary look.
  • DIY Vases

Natural flowers, plants are a great way to bring nature inside your house. But you don’t have to buy expensive pots, vases for the purpose. Upcycling can be an excellent alternative to reuse old vases with a new aesthetic twist.

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  • Incorporating Rope Art/String Art

Do it yourself rope art is easiest to pull off. For this purpose, you can use thin ropes, dye them with your favorite color to make beautiful art out of them. Otherwise, use colored strings and a series of nails along with a wooden board to create a different shape out of strings. So experiment, be creative, and make beautiful art out of something as simple as rope or string.
  • Redecorate Pillows and Curtains

Old pillows, as well as curtains, can be reused with the help of a little DIY trick. The best way to give them a fun makeover is to decorate them with a string of pom poms, fringe lace, intricately detailed laces, flower patterns, wooden buttons, etc. Quilling is also a better way to reuse material from the old fabrics and make some exciting patterns out of them. Also, you can personalize pillow covers by digitally printing your family photos onto them. On the other hand, use the pillow with different shapes to add a little fun element to space.
  • Mason Jar Garden

If you are living in the urban jungle, it is very likely that your house does not have enough space to create a backyard garden. Nevertheless, you can always create your own personal herb garden in any corner of the house. Old used mason jars are excellent containers to plant little herb bushes. Rather than tossing used jars, bottles in the trash, re-purpose them and turn them into plant pots. As these jars are easy to handle and can be moved around the house easily, you can use them as decorating elements in the balcony or gallery areas.
  • Paint Walls with Pastel Colors

The biggest advantage of using pastel colors is that they provide you one consistent surface. This makes a room look longer and has a soothing effect on your eyes as well. Also, for interior decorator neutral walls provide flexibility to experiment with accessories and furniture in the room. Soft colored walls reflect light very well, thus making your space look much brighter.
  • Hang statement pieces on the wall

A statement piece can be anything an excellent painting from a local artist or a huge clock. Make your house walls come to life with graffiti art, pop art, or a contemporary painting, the choice is all yours. But if you are an admirer of wall clocks, then opt for clocks that are vintage, limited edition, or have a unique feature to them. Both these elements will surely help you in impressing your guests.

Final word:

If you already feel inspired, then create your own unique style and start decorating your space. Most importantly never stop experimenting and having fun.

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