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Different Types of Rugs

Different Types of Rugs

The use of rugs as an ornate piece is as old as history. History suggests that rugs started out as floor coverings and were made of animal skin. As human culture gradually evolved, these animal skin rugs transformed from being private belongings to tradable commodities. Other than animal skin, some of the rugs were crafted from natural fibre materials. And the use of different types of fibres gave birth to a variety of weaving methods. Additionally, each region of the world has its own unique patterns and the designs for rugs. These distinctive patterns give us a glimpse into their culture. However, as we entered the modern age, synthetic fibres were introduced to the collection of fibres for weaving rugs, giving us more variety than ever before.

Technology has made it possible for us to have access to all of these wonderful varieties of rugs. Whether you want most intricate traditional rug or modern rugs in Melbourne, they are just one click away from us. Yet great variety is often accompanied by even greater confusion. Amid such large variations, we might not be entirely aware of all the types of rugs that are available in the market.

So here are things everyone ought to know about different types of rugs.

The rugs are firstly categorized as;

  1. Rugs With Pile
  2. Rugs Without Pile
Piles are tiny loops woven into rug’s backing. High pile rugs have longer fibres and loops. These rugs are often identified as shaggy rugs Melbourne. Due to greater pile height, these rugs have a softer feel to them. On the other hand, the common examples of flatweave rugs or no pile rugs are kilims from Iran or durries from India.

Another Distinction is Hand-Woven Rugs and Machine-Made Rugs.

  • Hand-Knotted Rugs: These types of rugs are finely woven with thousands of tiny knots, following an elaborate pattern. Commonly, silk and wool fibres are used to knit these knotted rugs. In monetary terms, these rugs are expensive but are worth every penny, because of their craftsmanship.
  • Hand-Tufted Rugs: These rugs are woven using a distinctive tool known as a tufted gun. Quite frequently individuals fail to differentiate between hand-knotted rugs and tufted rugs due to their similar appearance. The noticeable distinction, though, is the acrylic canvas on the back of the tufted couch.
  • Hooked Rugs: These are another variety of handmade rugs and are woven with a needle-like tool. Both simple and complicated designs and patterns are available in these types of rugs. Hooked rugs are affordable and are great for high foot traffic areas.

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  • Flatweave Rugs: These rugs are easy to identify as they have no pile and hence have a minimum thickness. These rugs are woven on a loom with fibres interweaved across length and breadth. One differentiating quality is that these rugs have a similar design pattern on both of its side.
  • Machine-Made Rugs: As the name suggests, these rugs are woven on a power loom. Power looms provide countless possibilities in terms of pattern, design and material used for weaving rugs. The process is much faster than hand weaving and produces equally good results.
  • Hide Rugs: Hide rugs are nothing but animal skins that are processed in an ethical and environmentally friendly way to be used as rugs. Every piece of these rugs is distinct and unique. 
  • Braided Rugs: Primarily these rugs are woven from cotton or wool materials. Occasionally these rugs are constructed from scrapped fabrics. These rugs are versatile and extremely functional. These qualities allow you to experiment with different colour, shape and size of braided rugs.
Further, Rugs are Classified Based on Their Specific Application.
  • Area Rugs: Almost everyone is familiar with area rugs and they are readily available in the market, in every size, shape and colour. These rugs can be used in different areas around the house.

  • Runners: Runners are versatile in functions. However, runners are popularly used in hallways, to make these high foot traffic areas comfortable to walk. Alternatively, you can use runners to connect areas between hallways and other rooms.

  • Outdoor Rugs: Outdoor rugs are excellent items to bring in more cohesive look with your interior design. You can decorate your backyard for parties and create an appropriate ambience. These rugs are usually made from synthetic materials such as polyester, as such materials are water-resistant, affordable and durable. If you are looking for cheap rugs Melbourne, you can choose from this variety.

  • Bath Rugs: These rugs are primarily used for soaking water as you step out of bathtub or shower. They are easy on feet and provide enough warmth for your feet. These rugs are available in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes.
Apart from these basic distinctions, today rugs are available in eccentric shapes and sizes. If you feel to be little more adventurous you can combine various types of rugs and create a unique look for your home.

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