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Finding Best Rugs for Summer 2022

Finding Best Rugs for Summer 2022

Carefully selected rugs can be used throughout any room. There are many ways to decorate your room, but one of the most logical is to start with your favourite rug. The rug you choose can determine the direction of the design of the entire room.and there are many choices from trendy, classic, oriental and everything in between.

Choosing the Best Rug for Summer

Summer Rug Style:

There are different rug styles that suit every style of lighting, furniture and seasons. Nowadays rug lovers have a great choice of  modern rugs. this trend will continue for some time and the rugs for summer of 2022 will benefit greatly from it. Therefore, instead of buying a traditional rug style for next summer, consider a modern rug and modern rug style that relies heavily on abstract, floral and geometric designs. Summer isn't the time to stick to boring coloured rugs, and with the right pile height, modern and transition rugs are sure to add a vibrant summer aura to your space.

Summer Rug Colour:

Choosing the right summer rug colour will determine the overall mood of your 2022 summer room. You also need to consider the colours and combinations you want to live in beyond the summer. If your old furniture is bare or in neutral dominant colours shaggy rugs, bright colours or floral prints can spice it up. Warm tones of home accessories and furniture work in perfect harmony with the luxuriously designed modern abstract rugs. The idea here is to choose a rug colour that stands out or matches other decorations in the house.

Summer Rug Pattern:

Whether you like it or not, combining simple patterned accessories in your room is not only fun but can also enhance a boring and excessive atmosphere. For example, if your furniture and walls are  plain and light, consider adding a finely patterned abstract or geometric warm rug.  Self coloured summer rugs on the other hand go well with rooms where furniture, walls and other home accessories have multiple patterns and designs. In this case, the rug has a calming effect. A summer rug runner with irregular geometric patterns in the kitchen is also good.

Summer Rug Size:

Larger size rugs are usually 200x290cm,240x330cm and 300x400cm in size and can elegance to the living room and bedroom. They also offer coziness, filling your floor with colourful prints and transforming your entire space. There are also smaller sizes in 120x170cm and 160x230 cm if needed.

Size Plays an Important Role:

One of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong rug size. For visual and practical reasons, the size should be determined by the size and placement of the room and the furniture contained therein. For example, the dining room covering should protrude at least 50cm  from the dining table in all directions to prevent the chair from getting caught on the edge or scratching the floor. For rugs that define seat groups, the chair and sofa legs should be at least partially placed on the rugs, if not completely.

Material Thing to Note Wisely:

Rug fibre comes in many choices, they are all offered in different price ranges. Wool has been a hit for many years because it's soft on the feet, soft to the touch, and comfortable to wear, but some synthetic options mimic wool quite well and the heatset polypropylene are easy to clean . Indoor and outdoor rugs have come a long way with a wide choice of variety available. Sisal and jute rugs can add a natural texture with less colour or pattern.

Patterns that give the room a  look of Elegance:

Rugs can be the art of your floor. The size and type of rug pattern should take into account all other patterns in the room surfaces such as fabrics, wallpaper, stones and tiles and interact well with others. This is especially important for fabrics and furniture nearby.

Colour which Grabs Attention:

If you first choose a rug, you can choose other colours for the room accordingly. The colour of the rug you choose can enhance the surface and add focus to the area.

Lifestyle Things Which suites Accordingly to You:

Avoid rugs with a series of loops that can get caught or pulled if you have pets that tend to claw at your rug. A shaded pattern or busy pattern can hide stains better and can be more practical in busy areas . If you spend your time barefoot at home the  grainy texture of natural sisal rugs is probably not for you. Does your home have more pet hair and lint? Very dark or very bright, mostly plain rugs can make you crazy because it's easiest to show off these things. Your lifestyle needs will help determine the parameters of your rug selection.

Contact Rugs Galore for Buying Best Quality Rugs

Choosing a rug always plays an important part like choosing our home interior design in which we want our home to look elegant, beautiful and attractive. Thus rugs play an important role in the home. For any advice contact Rugs Galore at Blackburn or Dandenong to be assisted by one of our staff members.

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