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Best Rugs for Kids Room

Best Rugs for Kids Room

The world of young children is full of curiosity. They are naturally inclined to explore new things, both indoor as well as outdoor. Children need their freedom to discover the world around them, as it ultimately contributes to their overall development.  Playing is an essential part of their growth. While playing they are going to fall and get hurt. You can’t save them from every fall; however you can save them from any serious injury inside your house. Thus a soft rug can be a great addition in your kid’s room. Your kids can enjoy activities like playing, reading and other fun activities all day long on rug’s soft and cushioned surface.  Kids floor rugs also provide a perfectly soft surface for your children who are just beginning to crawl.

Additionally, rugs can bring a cohesive look to the room’s décor, making your kid’s room more aesthetically appealing. Therefore rugs are must-have pieces for any room besides all the other furniture.

How To Choose Rugs For Your Kid’s Room:

Rugs are available in a spectrum of colours sizes and materials ranging from Cotton, Heat set poly, Acrylic, or polyester. Hence, choosing a perfect rug can be a daunting task. Consider the following factors before choosing a rug for a kid’s room.

 1. Size

Before deciding on rug’s pattern, colour, or size, measure room’s wall to wall area. Also, consider what kind of furniture you will be using in the room and its intended placement. Accordingly, you can introduce a complete wall to wall carpet in the room. If not, area rugs can be great cost-effective alternatives for you that will serve the purpose. While opting for area rugs, make sure that rug must be large enough for your kids to play on.  You can find most exquisite floor rugs in Melbourne that can be both, functional and esthetically appealing. These floor rugs run well under the bed and cover sufficient floor space that enables children to perform their activities comfortably. You can also experiment with various shapes of rugs according to your child's temperament.

To create more comfortable surfaces, you can experiment a little with layering techniques. You can layer two differently shaped rugs to create one cohesive look. It will not only provide extra cushioning for your kids to play, but will also create a look that is completely unique. Additionally, it is beneficial for your kids to add rugs in different shapes such as flower, star, moon or house etc. It ultimately encourages kids to make meaningful connections with objects and categories them. It improves their reasoning skills and various other skills. So incorporate fun shapes in your kid’s room with the help of rugs.

If you want to integrate learning into your child's daily playtime, place the alphabet rug in your child's room.

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 2. Material

Most parents today prefer sustainable rugs made of Heat set poly fibric. As this fabric is easy to clean, antistatic and colour fast, and it does not shed. Which provides even safer surface for your children to play on. Also, other factors that influence rug selection process are ease of maintenance, capacity to withstand high foot traffic and accidental spillage etc. Consider cotton rugs, as they are readily available in the market. You will find plenty of colours, patterns in cotton rugs.

On the other, avoid using faux fur rugs, as they are hard to clean and require very high maintenance.

Nylon material rugs are popular in modern homes. These rugs have a tough build and are durable as compared to other rugs. Polyester rugs are also preferred by families with babies and pets. These rugs are not only functional but also come in various colours and styles.

 3. Color and Pattern

Rugs today are available in wide ranging shades right from natural hues to neon shades. Depending on the wall colour and overall theme of the room, you can choose an appropriate rug. You can opt for a rug that either sits perfectly in harmony with the room décor or stand out entirely. If unsure, choose a solid coloured rug that complements kid’s room. A monotone rug is the ideal choice if you want to layer two or more rug. On the other hand, you can introduce a patterned rug to add a bit of character and drama in a neutral coloured room.

Various combinations of colours and patterns can set the tone for the room. You can make your kid’s room more playful with rugs with different designs.

For toddlers, you can introduce patterned rugs such as fun animal figures or flowers or fictional characters etc. in your kids’ playroom, which will make their playtime more fun.

If your kids’ room is sports themed, you can introduce sports court pattern rugs. Here you have a freedom to choose any sports theme to decorate the playroom. Else let your kid’s imagination roam free with a rug that has road map pattern.
Thus before you make a decision on rug’s purchase, consider all of the above factors. You can easily find any of these kids rugs online and have fun with decorating your kid’s room.

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