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A versatile rug for everyone

A versatile rug for everyone

When it's comes to decorating a room, one of the most versatile and impactful accessory you can add is a rug. Rugs can transform a space, combining different decor elements while adding texture, warmth, and colour. From traditional to modern, there is a rug out there for every style and taste. Here are some types of versatile rugs that can compliment any decor.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are can come in many differnt materials and designs, adding elegance and warmth to a room.Traditional rugs have a classic and timeless look and can be used either in a classic or modern interior.


Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are a popular type of natural fibre rug that is known for their unique texture and eco-friendliness. They're made from the long, soft, and shiny fibres of the jute plant.  Jute rugs are biodegradable and can be effortlessly composted at the end of their lifespan.

Jute rugs come in various colours, ranging from natural beige to darker shades, and can be dyed in various colours to match any decor. They also come in multiple weaves, such as chunky and braided, and can be found in a range of sizes and shapes, from small mats to large area rugs.

Jute rugs are also versatile and can be used in various decor styles, from bohemian to coastal to farmhouse. They add texture and warmth to a room and are perfect for creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are a type of rug with a long, shaggy pile that's typically at least an inch long however this can vary. They are known for their plush, luxurious feel and are often used to add an aesthetic look to a room.

Shag rugs come in various materials, including wool, synthetic fibres, and even leather. They can be found in a range of colours and are available in different sizes and shapes.

One of the main benefits of shag rugs is their softness and comfort. The long pile creates a cushioned surface that feels cozy underfoot and can add warmth to a room during colder months. Shag rugs can also help absorb sound, making them ideal for use in larger rooms or areas with high ceilings.

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are flat-woven textiles generally made of wool, that have a rich history and are renowned for their vibrant colours and geometric designs and quite often are double sided.

This characteristic makes them thinner and more lightweight. Kilims can be used as a statement piece, bringing warmth and character to a room, or as a complementary element that ties together different design elements.

Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are unique and add a touch of rustic charm to a room. They work well in modern or industrial decor styles and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Cowhide rugs are availabe both in the shape of a cowhide or as a patchwork rug.

To conclude,

Rugs are a versatile accessory that can enhance any decor style. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, jute or any other fibre there is a rug out there that will work for you. Each type of rug adds its own unique texture, colour, and style to a room. So, go ahead and choose the rug that best suits your taste and makes your space feel cozy and inviting. Visit our Rugs Galore stores either in Blackburn or Dandenong to recieve professional and courteous help from our experienced staff members.

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